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Prose that is insightful and telling
Andy’s family never got to read much of his poetry until after his passing. We found his words powerful and wanted to share his poetic meanderings and decided to publish them in this book. It is now available and makes a great gift for poet wannabes, graduating students or just about anybody’s coffee table, and the New York Times editorial staff of course.

One might get the impression in reading through Andy’s writings that he was frustrated at times, and at other times he was so full of love that it flowed from his pen like a waterfall. You may find that his frustration wasn’t anything that all of us haven’t felt when growing up and questioning the world around us we may not understand. He waxes over the full spectrum of feelings he dealt with in his high school and college years. We hope those of you who knew Andy will remember him as the beautiful person he was as you read through his writings. For those of you who didn’t know him, we hope you can somehow relate to Andy as he transitioned and grew in to adulthood.

In the end, all that matters is love. Andy, we miss you. Your memory lives on forever in these wonderful writings.

Love is many things.
Love can light a dark path.
Love can show you the hate in others,
Love can hurt your eyes.
Love can cause the giant to feel minuscule.
Love shows us our insignificance.
If you want to know the meaning of life,
You first must experience everything love has to offer,
then have it all taken away in one fatal swoop…

-Andrew Lee Vidal
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-A Collection of Poetry by Andrew Lee Vidal<br />

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The following is a review from a HS grad who had met Andy once!

I am so amazed at some of the things that are said in the text, it’s almost as if I would have said or written them myself.  I have read through the book about 15 – 20 times by now and find something else new each time that teaches me something, or simply intrigues me into wondering “Is this written specifically to me?”  Even though it wasn’t, what would be the harm in looking at the story from a distance and living my life for every moment?  Time is of the essence, and what a great time for a realization like this.

Even though Andrew’s life was cut too short, I hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that this book has helped at least one person.

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